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A referral is the best Compliment.

Richard - MA

"I wanted to send in a recommendation for Boston Marine Surveyors. They saved me thousands of dollars and a lifetime of headaches. I was under contract on a 35 Carver, the boat seemed clean and the engines appeared to be in good shape and order. I had Boston Marine Surveyors complete a pre-purchase marine survey on the boat. BMS found a leaking fuel tank at the stern of the boat, and a 3'x3' soft spot by the struts. I walked on the Carver and had a 36 Mainship surveyed, which turned out to be a much better boat. We found some minor issues on the Mainship, but the boat was more appealing than the Carver. I highly recommend BMS."

Meghan & Jim - MA

β€œDan is awesome! My husband and I were very green when it came to buying a boat. Well, we still are...My husband knew nothing, I sailed as a child but hardly any real knowledge of boats. I found Boston Marine Surveyors through a Google search in January, at the very early stage of our search. Dan was very easy to understand and really simplified things for us...which we needed...I called Dan once a week for about two months discussing different boats we found, the advantages and disadvantages of certain models and model years. In early March we found the boat of our dreams, a 2005 Grady White 283. Dan came out and did an incredible job surveying the boat...turns out it wasn't our dream boat after all. The boats hull was soaking wet and had a long list of things that needed to be fixed. Long story short, we ended up purchasing a 2006 Pursuit 3070. Dan came out again and did another survey and she passed!!! Great news because we really love this boat. Dan really helped us throughout the process. His guidance was greatly appreciated, thanks again Dan.”

Karen - RI

"My husband and I would recommend Boston Marine Surveyors to anybody looking to purchase a new boat. How nice is it when you call somebody and they actually pick up the phone or get back to you promptly? Dan was honest, thorough, and his report was extremely easy to read through and understand."